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Terms, Conditions, GDPR & Data Privacy.

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The company that we are being contracted to or its sub contractors are bound by the following terms, conditions and contractual obligations.

1. Staff provided under any contract must be covered in the premises of work by that company's liabilities insurance, for work being carried out at those premises.

2. Where our contracted staff are out-sourced to a third party, that party are also be bound by these terms, conditions and contractual obligations.

3. Identity, Security and Vetting: It is the companys duty to validate the identity of any staff provided and issue documents at their own
expense. Where required, including: DBS, eDBS, CTC, SC, eSC, DV, eDV, CTS, NS, NC, NR, ATOMAL. We will fully support our staff in these considerations.

4. The company where work is being carried out must provide the following:
        i. A safe working environment in conjunction with all Health and Safety at Work, Health and Hygiene and any other practicable restrictions abided by fully.
        ii. Provision for minimum personal hygiene.
        iii. Provision of facilities to rest/relax at recommended times/breaks, preferably with beverage facilities available, where possible a safe area for smokers with suitable disposal facilities.
        iv. Where electronics and computer components are being handled, a safe calibrated Electro-Static workstation.
        v. Where high voltages are present or any other dangerous areas are worked in proximity of, a safety procedure & risk assessment document shall be available for inspection.
        vi. Where chemicals pertinent to COSHH regulations are present, a COSHH conformity document shall be available for inspection and the relevant environmental protection equipment available for use, checked and in good working order.
5. Liabilities Hardware: all hardware faults shall not be liable to us.

6. Liabilities Firmware: all firmware faults shall not be liable to us.

7. Liabilities Software: all software faults shall not be liable to us.

8. Liabilities Other: With regards to loss incurred by the company, we should never be held liable under any circumstances. This includes but is not limited to damage of Company data, hardware, equipment, premises, fixtures, fittings, relations with any of the company's clients and the company's ability or inability to continue in their trade/work/service/provision/manufacture.

9. Licensing of software will be restricted by the following:
        i. Any software produced under contract will be public domain and reference should be made to the GNU for license specifications.
        ii. Any packages or software modules developed under this contract, the full license will stay with us and may be encrypted to ensure the codes security.
        iii. Any packages or software module specifically developed for the company under this contract and agreed beforehand in writing will be restricted by that agreement, else point ii. Above shall be in force.
10. Warranties Hardware: We are not in a position to offer warranties on any hardware procured or supplied by us. Hardware is sold as seen and it is the company's responsibility to check and test any hardware supplied whilst we are present.

11. Warranties Firmware: We are not in a position to offer warranties on any firmware procured or supplied or coded by us. Firmware is sold as seen and it is the company's responsibility to check and test any firmware supplied and record its suitability for its intended purpose whilst we are present.

12. Warranties Software: We are not in a position to offer warranties on any software procured, supplied or coded by us. Software is sold as seen and it is the company's responsibility to check and test any software supplied and record its suitability for its intended purpose whilst we are present. We supply software products/modules and code bytes under strict licensing terms.

13. Data Protection: We abide strictly by all guidelines laid down by the relevant Authorities (ICO & GDPR). The following guidelines should be made clear before embarking on any project with us:
        i. Where data may be stored (Locality) UK, EU or other.
        ii. Where data may be used (Locality) UK, EU or other.
        iii. Where backups are and how often they will be carried out.
        iv. Who shall have access to the data (Privacy) The company, us, Third parties or other.
        v. How the data will be transmitted from Locality to Locality (security).
        vi. What roll we will have regarding the safety, privacy, storage and security of the data.
        vii. Limitations on requests for copies of information held, negating exclusions under Section 26 of the DPA.
        viii. Limitations on deletion of personal or other data requests.
                a. We store only as much information as required to by law for the operation of our business.
                b. We protect that information from deletion, for taxation & lawful purposes.

14. For the purposes of data protection law ICO and GDPR. The Data Controller and Data Processor is Bones Services Limited. The Data Protection Officer is Alexander Andrew Outten.

15. Communications: In the interests of security and applications in training we may record any communications with our employees, customers and the general public. These communications are bound by the Data Protections Acts mentioned in 13. Under some circumstances and under direction of a legal authority we may have to release such information to these authorities. In rare circumstances we may use all or part of this data to protect our intellectual property and or to recover losses. This data is not available to any other party or third party and would require legal Warrants to override the Data Protections Acts above in 13.

16. Law: The company is to comply with any local, national and/or international laws and must not ask us to breaks any such laws. In such cases that there is a disagreement about a law. Then we may call upon the services of a legal representative or council to correct any disagreements, any costs for such will be the company's liability.

17. Copyright: It is the company's duty to make sure they do not break any copyrights or seek permission to license such. Licences for software etc. It is the company's responsibility to check and/or provide such licenses to protect themselves against any legal situation arising from being unlicensed. In any above case legal or otherwise we shall not be held liable and the company by accepting our services and/or products shall indemnify us from any third party. The company or third party, in each case may request clarity of terms and conditions any legal clarification charges will be liable to the company or third party.

18. Limitations: anything contained within these "terms and conditions" does not affect your statutory rights and if they do we will endeavour to change such as soon, as is practicable.

19. Company: Any party we are contracted, sub contracted or out-sourced to.

20. We/Us/Our: Bones Services LTD.

21. Third Party: Any person, entity or companies not related to us or contracted by us.

22. General Public: Them for who we strive to make the world a better place :-)

Alexander Andrew Outten CEO DPO
Bones Services Limited Est.2016
Previously known as Axiem or Axiem Group Est.2001(Dissolved)

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