Bones Services LTD

Price list general.

 April 2024: Changes to pricing.
 Due to ongoing increases in the UK cost of living, fuel expenses & UK minimum wage requirements, the following shall apply:
 Spare parts used in/for repairs: As always, supplied at cost.
 Callout rates shall start from £55 check approx callout for an idea of cost.
 Hourly rates from £33
 Additional charges on top of the standard callout:
 Any countries on the DO NOT TRAVEL list available at
  £15,000 (indemnities & travel to be provided by client)
 Crossing time zones from UK base £500 per zone.
 Remote isolated work £8,000 (Including oil rigs, Arctic, Antarctic, or any other desert)
  (indemnities & travel to be provided by client)
 Work inside any city £500
 Work inside any congestion charge zone £1,000
 Work inside any CAZ, ULEZ, ZCR or equivalent zones £5,000
 NB: Congestion charges and emission zones are separate charges, as London UK charges for both individually, but together.
 ie. to work in Manhattan, New York £55(initial charge) + £2,500(time zones −5) + £500(City charge) + £1,000(New York Congestion charge)
 ie. to work in central Paris ZCR £55(initial charge) + £500(time zone +1) + £500(City charge) + £5,000(ZCR charge)
 Security clearances etc. shall be sponsored & paid for by the client,

Prices from:
£55 call out.
£33 hourly rates.
See here for details.