Bones Services LTD

History of some of our work.

Not all of our Portfolio, as our clients repairs are confidential.

Please excuse the quality of photography, as this is not one of our in-house skills.
Someones favourite optical mouse, left mouse button stopped working

          Anti-lock Braking System Modules

          Audio Visual
Cambridge FMJ AVR400 DOA goes to standby.

eBike battery 36V 15A

eBike 24v rebuild test & rewrap Battery, test PSU

MacAllister MP18 Multi tool battery.

Scooter battery recover & test cells.

Luggie battery failed BMS & cells, due to water damage.

Solax battery complete rebuild.

Rockwell 18V drill pack: water damaged.

Solax battery, no output & cannot charge.

Dead 24v Pack 7s12p 84 cell

Gogo 13s2p dead, rebuild as 13s3p

          Battery chargers
Pihsiang 24v lead acid battery charger dead.

STL Transtech TGA 24v 8a lead acid battery charger.

Triple battery charger, 3 circuit faulty.

          Body Control Modules
Ford Mondeo MKIV BCM

CCTV 4 way monitor no power

Solar array low voltage battery WiFi monitor

Pedestrian crossing button unit.

          Ignition Control Units
Triumph Triple Sport ICU faulty Coil output

          Measurement & Test
LeCroy WaveAce 202. Complete trash recovery.

Zepiu H60 bench battery tester. 24V+ applied to channel B, disastrously.

Zepiu H60 bench battery tester. Dead channel, previous failed repair. Replace fan.

          Musical instruments
Yamaha D65 Electone Organ

          Office equipment
OKI MC362W Multi-function printer copier. PSU fault, intermittent.

          Reverse engineering
HiCam web interface repair, not booting.

Breeze scooter PCBs damaged.

Rhino 2 DS160 controller, problem with brake.

          Signal Acquisitions Modules (SAM)
Mercedes ML360 Auxiliary control board. No fuel Gauge, missing rear lights.

          Transmission Control Modules
Dennis Elite II TCM (Transmission Control Unit)

          Game systems
xBox 360 PSU Model: Liteon PE-2151-03MX Rev:A

xBox One S

          Telephone Systems
               PBX CCUs
Samsung OfficeServ 7030 (no Boot)

Samsung OfficeServ 7030 (no Power)

Range Rover Autobiography 2006 faulty heated drivers seat.

Thin bike multiple faults causing intermittent drive.

Triumph Triple Sport ICU faulty Coil output

SSH Blacklist to track BOTs & intrusion detection using F2B, PHP, NMap & more

Javascript 3d using JQuery and Canvas; No VRML, pluggins or any other library.

Genealogy Site

Barcode reader testing site

Pandemic work from home IP telephony.

Prices from:
£55 call out.
£33 hourly rates.
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