Bones Services LTD

Welcome to Bones Services Ltd.

Professionals in electronics servicing since 1990.
More than a century of employee's experiences in the electronics engineering industry.
Including but not limited to: PCB repairs, Telecommunications, Industrial control systems, Commercial electronics, Fault finding and repair (to MIL spec if needed).
To comply with MIL spec we use lead solder > 3% content. Generally 60/40.

Contact repairs@ at this domain name minus the https://www. for information.
You will need to add yourself to the whitelist before sending email, else it will bounce.

Incorporated in 2016
Carbon neutral since inception
Carbon negative by 2175

After sometime experimenting with AI, we have decided to stick with tried & tested RI.

Items we do not or cannot repair:
Horology devices or components (any longer).
Items containing any type of gas, radiological material or restricted by COSHH.
Items generating any HT or voltage above 678V.
Items glued, glue taped or hot glued together
Items inside a gaseous protective envelope (CRT guns or Valves etc).
Items requiring a clean room better than ISO 9
Items requiring a microscope to repair.
Items requiring a proprietary interface to test or repair.
Items requiring current above 60 Amperes.
Laser or light emitting devices over Class 2M
Physically broken LCD display panels or Glass panels of any kind.
 (expensive replacement only)

Previously known as Axiem (dissolved) that was more for Server, Computer systems & end User support.
Prices from:
£55 call out.
£33 hourly rates.
See here for details.